Prescription Refill / Medication Policy

The patient is responsible for knowing when medications need to be refilled.

Unless otherwise directed by your provider, maintenance medications such as Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Cholesterol and Thyroid will not be approved if the patient has not had an office visit related to that diagnosis within the last six months.

An office visit is required for an antibiotic prescription.


Refill Procedure

If you need a refill, please contact your pharmacy first and they will contact Sound Family Health if there are any questions.

Please plan ahead and contact your pharmacy 7 business days BEFORE your medication is due to run out.  If you use a mail order company, please contact your pharmacy 14 days before you medication is due to run out.


Referral Policy

Sound Family Health encourages patients to familiarize themselves with their responsibilities under your insurance plan.  If your primary care physician refers you to a specialist, there is a second step to the referral process.  Once you have scheduled the appointment, please call our office and request your referral if you have not already discussed this with our staff.  We require 72 hour notice for all schedule appointments.  We cannot obtain retroactive referrals.

If you have not seen your primary care physician regarding the medical problem for which you are requesting a referral, a referral cannot be done.  This is a policy mandated by the insurance companies.  If you have already received a referral to a specialist any you are going back for a follow-up appointment, you need to check with that specialist’s office to see if you need another referral.

It is important to remember that your insurance company dictates the referral process.